VoiceMark iphone app demo by Scraster

Voice Mark by GeoGraffiti is an iPhone app used to record voice messages about a specific locations. Voice Marks are geotagged to a point of interest and made available for the public to hear via any telephone. With an iPhone3G, it’s easy to Voice Mark the world and create audio geotags with your opinions and […]

Better Audio for your Camtasia Videos

The producer of this video, Lon Naylor, is on a mission: to rid the world of crappy videos! That’s a worth cause that scrast.net will get behind. Go Lon! Lon’s focus in his videos is to help people realize the marketing potential in self-producing Camtasia screencast videos. from http://screencastprofits.com – “Bad audio will CRUSH even […]

QuickTime X – New screen recording functionality

This great looking HD screencast comes from Working Draft Solutions, the blog of screencaster Jody Phillips. Now every Mac user (who’s upgraded to Snow Leopard) can created screencasts! The new version of Quick Time has an easy to use screen recording option, which allows you to capture and share your on-screen activity in a few […]

Zoom-in trick with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

In this short video, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten shows us how to use the zoom-in feature of Mac’s OS when recording a screencast with Snow Leopard’s new built-in video screen capture feature. Fyi, this video contains partial nudity for some reason. LOL! The full post is here. Thanks, Boris!

Das Tweetie screencast

One for the Germans. From MacMyLife.de.

On the subject of Camtasia for Mac and Screenflow

The wait is over: TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac is here. Finally, a challenger to Telestream’s ScreenFlow, which until know has (pretty much) been the only game in town for Mac-based screencast producers wanting to capture and produce professional screencast video in a single app. There’s sure to be a ton of blog and Twitter buzz […]

MonoTouch iPhone Hello World screencast

A screencast by Jon at Webloungers. Follow Jon on Twitter. “A quick screencast showing you how to make a simple iPhone Hello World type app in MonoDevelop with MonoTouch and C#. This was done using the MonoTouch preview. Kudo’s to the team for making c# and mono on the iPhone a legit reality!”

Basics to getting started with Outright.com

Bookkeeping online with http://outright.com is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Streamline the work involved with owning a business, pay the right taxes, easily record financial transactions, and keep your business on track and growing. Get started with basic guide to bookkeeping with Outright. This screencast was produced by Aaron Aiken at TrimTab Creative.

Screenjelly Introduced: Screencast Video Straight to Twitter

Scrast.net recently told you about the browser-based screencasting tool Screentoaster being acquired by a California software company focused on enterprise video. Yesterday, San Mateo-based Veodia launched Screenjelly, a new tool which is based on Screentoaster but oriented toward shorter, more “shareable” videos.

Veodia Acquires ScreenToaster. ScreenJelly coming soon?

Veodia, a San Mateo, CA-based enterprise video platform, has announced its acquisition of screencasting company ScreenToaster. The acquisition will add screen capturing capabilities to Veodia’s high-quality, secure video technology. ScreenToaster offers a free, browser-based screen capture service that allows users to record screen activity and audio without additional software or plug-in installation. According to Veodia […]